What we are


The Bath Skiffle Sessions are monthly jam sessions, playing old time music in some classic pubs in the old town of Bath, England.

We are musicians and singers of all abilities and backgrounds who enjoy making music together; we are relaxed, informal, noisy, enthusiastic and friendly.

At the Sessions, ability does not matter. If you are just starting, we will encourage you and help you learn. If you are experienced and a veteran, please come and help us! Or just enjoy music with no strings attached, no pressure. Just old time singalong.

The music we play is mainly American folk – Leadbelly, Woody Guthrie and so on – and the music by the people inspired by this tradition. So we play Lonnie Donnegan, The White Stripes, Bruce Springsteen… But the most common author in our song book is Trad.


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2 thoughts on “What we are

  1. Thanks, Steve – what a terrific website. It’s a real privilege to come along and join in jams when I can – always a warm welcome, great singing, playing and fun for both players and audiences. I love it!


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